A Glimpse of Salma Furniture’s Highlights at BDNY 2023

Salma Furniture’s Highlights at BDNY 2023: Last week, from November 12th to 13th. We proudly participated in this prestigious event within the contract and hospitality design sphere.

BDNY 2023

Within this industry highlight, our presence reconnected valued clients and friends.


Throughout BDNY, we shared our passion, presenting functional designs that merge aesthetics, redefining contract furniture exploration.

Salma Furniture’s Highlights

The event operated as a hub for discovering the latest trends in contract and hospitality furniture and interior design. It provided a platform where innovative designs were showcased, promising to redefine projects and elevate spaces.

Salma Products at BDNY


Our time at BDNY allowed us to passionately share our dedication to contract and hospitality design, presenting pieces that epitomize functionality and style, each meticulously crafted to perfection.


Exploring contract furniture was enlightening, each showcased piece epitomized merging functionality and aesthetics commitment.

Salma Furniture - Emily Armchair, Miss Cane Sofa and Louise Armchair,

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